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Welcome to your certified Better Hearing Benefits clinic, if you would like to use your benefits use the scheduler below to book your appointment. We look forward to helping you hear your best!

Helping People Hear. It’s the Reason We’re Here.

American. Hearing. Excellence.

From the green rug and welcoming smile to the exceptional service and perfectly fit hearing solutions, you can be sure that no matter which Audibel practice you visit anywhere in the country, you’ll always get the care and attention needed to advance better hearing.

American. It’s what we are.

Audibel is a select group of Starkey’s finest clinicians. Our elite team is certified and provide the highest level of care in the industry. We are locally run offices that work and live within our community. We offer only the highest quality products on the market (American-owned Starkey) and fit them specifically to each patient’s ears, lifestyle, and budget.

Hearing. It’s all we do.

At Audibel, we know the importance of hearing because we see how it impacts people every day. Helping people hear better is all we do. It’s all we’ve ever done. Hearing is our passion, our focus and our purpose. Our commitment to your hearing lasts long after your fitting. We are dedicated to continued service, support and cleanings to keep you hearing at your best.

Excellence. It’s how better hearing happens.

From our training to our people to our products to our offices, we go to great lengths to ensure excellence is in everything we do – so you can be confident you’ll get the service and solutions needed to make a real and lifelong difference. You will enjoy a white glove, personalized experience at our clinic.

Welcome to the Audibel Family

Our premium level of care is a promise that stretches past your local clinic. Our 600+ locations coast to coast deliver the same level of precision and care. Feel free to stop at any of our locations for a cleaning or adjustment when you are on the road. Convenience is our way of delivering peace of mind to every patient.

Audibel is the gold standard for Patient Care.

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